I-Sheng (Eason) Chen

I-Sheng (Eason) Chen


1st-year PhD Student at Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Carnegie Mellon University

About Eason

Hi, I’m Eason from CMU HCII. In high school, I was a problem student, frequently skipping class and engrossed in gaming for over 12 hours daily. Surprisingly, gaming taught me the value of deliberate practice. Applying these strategies, I transformed my academic performance, earning numerous awards at my undergrad. These experiences inspired me to research in Learning Sciences and Human-Comter Interaction, eager to discover productivity-enhancing educational tools. Ultimately, I aim to help others reach their full their potential through education. Additionally, I’m intrigued by the fair and transparency offered by Blockchain Technology and have three years of Web3 industry experience.

Research Interests
  • Learning Sciences
  • Educational Techlogy
  • Learning Analytics
  • AI in Education
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Blockchain
  • PhD in Human-Computer Interaction Institute, School of Computer Science, 2028 (Expected)

    Carnegie Mellon University

  • Bachelor of Information Science, 2023

    National Taiwan Normal University

Industry Experiences

Mysten Labs
Summer Research Intern
May 2024 – Present San Francisco, California (Remote)
Bucket Protocol
May 2023 – August 2023 Taipei, Taiwan
  • Assisted in building the biggest Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) protocol on Sui Network
  • Developed GPTutor, a ChatGPT-powered programming tool for smart contract code explain. Awarded a 50k grant from the Sui Foundation, and result presented as poster at AIED’23 and workshop at CSCW’23
  • Led the Bucket Raffle System project, securing 1st place at Sui Builder House with 10k prize
Research and Development Engineer
April 2022 – April 2023 San Francisco, California (Remote)
  • Co-work with teammates from Vietnam, Malaysia, Türkiye, and US
  • Researched on Non-fungible token (NFT) Solutions for Art Creators on Ethereum Blockchain
  • Educated colleagues on tips and principles for developing Blockchain applications
Accord Project
Google Summer of Code Mentee
May 2021 – August 2021 Online
  • Contributed to Accord Project, an open source framework for Smart Legal Contracts
  • Researched on Conversion of Raw Text Legal Agreements into Smart Legal Contracts using NLP
  • Co-work with various open-source contributors from University College London(UCL), Docusign, and Mishcon de Reya
  • Results present at workshop of POPL 2022 and WWW 2023 as paper
Research and Development Engineer
June 2019 – December 2021 Taipei, Taiwan
  • Built easy-to-use and GDPR compliance Blockchain Applications on Ethereum and IOTA for Educational Purpose
  • Received Best Intern Award for the implementation of data authentication process on FiO’s product
  • Researched on Blockchain Performance Optimization, results are patent pending

Academic Research Experiences

Carnegie Mellon University
PhD Student Researcher
Carnegie Mellon University
August 2023 – Present Pittsburgh, PA
  • Advisor: Ken Koedinger
  • Research in Learning Sciences, Education Technologies, and Learning Analytics
Ministry of Science and Technology
Undergraduate Research Project Principal Investigator
Ministry of Science and Technology
May 2021 – February 2022 Taipei, Taiwan
  • Researched on Building Natural Language Generation Chatbots which features multiple-reply and custom avatars with chosen emotion
  • Compared the user experience of different chatbot designs, such as different layouts, avatars, and prompts
  • Results rewarded 2nd place at 2023 CHI Student Research Competition. Published to TAICHI 2021, CHI-EA'2022, CHI-EA'2023, and UCNLP workshop at WWW 2022 as paper.
National Taiwan Normal University
Research Assistant
April 2019 – August 2023 Taipei, Taiwan
  • Served as Research Assistant for 7 professors with various topics at NTNU and National Taiwan University
  • Developed interactive creativity task platform and analyze the data, results published to Q1 SSCI journal
  • Used GPT-2 and BERT to build NLP chatbots with emotional and empathetic conversational abilities to accompany elders
  • Implemented Integrated Data Export Pipeline by Flask, Vue, and Google Cloud APIs, export data as path analysis input

Featured Projects

Through tailored Prompt Engineering, SuiGPT empowers GPT-4 to be proficient in the Move language, enabling it to generate corresponding Move code based on user instructions. SuiGPT is now ready to use at GPTutor extension.
GPTutor(🤖,🤖) is a Visual Studio Code extension using OpenAI’s GPT models to enhance code understanding and improve coding skills. As an an open-source AI pair programming tool, GPTutor offers code explanations, reviews, and customizable prompts for over 50 programming languages.
TON-Splitter is a solution for splitting expenses among friends. This powerful Telegram chatbot allows users to easily split bills in group chats with just one click. It optimizes the algorithm to minimize the number of transfers needed when settling expenses, seamlessly integrating with blockchain wallets to enable decentralized settlements on The Open Network (TON) blockchain. TONSplitter ensures a user-centric expense-sharing experience and supports over thirty different fiat currencies.
Focus Gift
Focus is a privacy-protected AI service aim to enhance online learning. Focus collects facial data via a webcam to aid self-regulated learning, including eye tracking and facial expressions. This data is processed locally in the user’s browser, enabling learners to review and enhance their online learning experience, receiving positive initial feedback.
Focus Gift


Recent Publications

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(2023). GPTutor: an open-source AI pair programming tool alternative to Copilot. Presented at Workshop of Supporting User Engagement in Testing, Auditing, and Contesting AI at Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work 2023 (CSCW).


(2023). GPTutor: a ChatGPT-powered programming tool for code explanation. Presented as poster at International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED).


(2023). Conversion of Legal Agreements into Smart Legal Contracts using NLP. Paper published at Workshop of Natural Language Processing for Knowledge Graph Creation in Companion Proceedings of the Web Conference 2023 (WWW).


(2023). Which Factors Predict the Chat Experience of a Natural Language Generation Dialogue Service?. Paper published at *Extended Abstracts of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI EA) 🏆.


(2022). Development and validation of interactive creativity task platform. Frontiers in Psychology.

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Received Recommendations

Shyevin S’ng
Co-Founder and COO at Cohart
April 11, 2023, Shyevin managed Eason directly at Cohart
It’s been a pleasure to work with Eason, who is not only easygoing but also highly knowledgeable. From the start, I noticed that Eason is a super smart, hardworking, and flexible teammate who is always eager to learn new technology. In addition, his impressive research skills have made him a valuable asset to the team. Eason’s positive attitude and collaborative nature make him a great team player. I have no doubt that he will achieve great things in the future, and I am excited to see his continued success.
Shyevin S'ng

Khánh Lương
Software Engineer at Cohart
June 25, 2022, Khánh worked with Eason on the same team at Cohart
I have been working with Eason for a few months now. It was my job to integrate his work on Cohart’s NFT minting smart contracts. I had no trouble reading and applying his works since they were well-documented and easy to understand. He has also been very supportive.

Eason is always well-structured, fully-prepared, and excellent at presenting his work. I was also impressed with his calm and positive attitude when we encountered any issues.

It was a pleasure to work with him and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs to research and develop blockchain, machine learning, or AI.
Khánh Lương

Yuen-Hsien Tseng
Distinguished Professor at National Taiwan Normal University
May 22, 2022, Yuen-Hsien was Eason’s undergraduate thesis advisor at NTNU
Eason is the most clever and diligent student I have ever seen so far. He is enthusiastic about learning techniques and applications, such as Education, AI, NLP, and Blockchain, and has developed quite a few applications that impressed me.

Moreover, He did not only develop application systems quickly but also evaluated their use in practical applications based on what he learned in his major, i.e., Learning Sciences.

Lastly, He also devoted himself to scientific paper writing and therefore has several papers accepted in refereed international conferences. I have never heard of any undergraduate students in Taiwan who could have more than 7 papers accepted before their graduation, except Eason.
Yuen-Hsien Tseng

George Chu
Founder and CEO of FiO
May 20, 2022, George managed Eason directly at FiO
Eason is a very talented, energetic, and self-disciplined person who gives 100% focus on things he is interested. During his work with me, he has demonstrated a great level of creativity with a great mentality for entrepreneurship. He is also a fast learner and loves discovering new technologies with strong desire for new and more knowledge. He possesses a huge potential to be explored and guided with a creative mind. He does have few areas to be further improved but I believe with right mind set, he will easily grow to the next level with no doubt.
George Chu

Niall Roche
Senior Teaching Fellow at UCL School of Management & Blockchain Researcher and Engineer at UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies
September 24, 2021, Niall was Eason’s mentor at Google Summer of Code
Eason’s passion for his Google Summer of Code project was matched by his technical capabilities, and his continued hunger to learn and improve. He has been a wonderful mentee and continues to be a passionate contributor to OSS projects. He has a range of technical abilities from Web Development, Machine Learning (in particular, NLP) and also in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies. He would be a great asset to any team.
Niall Roche